comZIP Bags

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20 Bags per Unit


I’m clearly Better! I’m a reusable, reclosable, home compostable Zip Lock Bag, available in 5 handy sizes. These re-sealable bags are perfect for keeping food* ‘just so’ in school lunchboxes, stationery, kids’ games, puzzles, craft, jewellery, in store product packaging, seeds … the options are endless.

* Things we’re trying to make even Better

  • I’m not quite as air tight as my traditional plastic ziplock bag equivalent, so won’t keep food as fresh for as long. I am great for freezing things in though
  • My zip is very tight and although generally fine, may tear away from the rest of the bag if wrenched open
  • The edges of the largest size are slightly crinkled

Sizes below exclude the portion of the bag above the zip so are the usable area only.

I’m made from plants, corn to be exact, with a man-made binding agent added for flexibility. And the best bit … I can be composted at home! Now, you might think we're making much ado about zip, but that's exactly the point. Put them in your home compost once they can't be reused any more, and they will biodegrade to ...well, zip, totally non-toxic elements - worm-friendly too. The zip component will take longer to compost, so please remove first (and or cut up into smaller pieces) if that's going to be an issue.

SHELF LIFE 10 months from purchase

CERTIFICATIONS Seedling AS 4736 | Food Safe to stringent EU Standards


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